Improving Student Opportunities

In 2008, the Tyndale Department of Philosophy reviewed their program. They drew from the master’s programs of top universities to form a new curriculum that equips students to succeed in graduate schools.

Presently, over 40% of Tyndale Philosophy majors go on to successfully complete graduate studies at institutions such as University of Toronto, Ryerson University and the University of Houston. Over 30% of these students go on to PhD studies at prestigious universities such as the University of Western Ontario, Oxford University and the University of St. Andrews. The academic rigour of Tyndale’s Department of Philosophy has caught the attention of graduate schools as well as Christian leaders.

“Tyndale’s Philosophy program has instilled in me the value of a Christian engaged in academic thought, and has given me practical tools to love the Lord with all of my mind.”

– Catherine Klausen [Tyndale, BA, 2014; MA, PhD Candidate, Waterloo]

“I believe what’s going on in Tyndale Philosophy is bigger than all of us. Being a part of a community like this is so purposeful and energizing. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

– D r. Richard Davis, Professor of Philosophy, Tyndale University College

“Tyndale is a place of serious scholarship, emphasizing a love for learning, community development, and spiritual growth. The tools provided to me by Tyndale Philosophy have allowed me to engage in these discussions with confidence and rigour.”

– Luke Teeninga [Tyndale, BA 2013; Ryerson, MA 2015; Oxford, PhD Candidate]

“Christian [universities] must put more resources into developing leading programs in philosophy. In my opinion, Tyndale’s Philosophy program is on the cutting edge of a movement to meet this need. If you want to learn how to think as a Christian, if you want to learn the skill-set essential to philosophy, look no further than Tyndale. It is a program for such a time as this.”

– J.P. Moreland, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Biola University