Combining Passions and Knowledge

» Adrianna Marling [BA Business – International Development 2014]

Adrianna Marling [BA Business – International Development 2014] loves math and business. She also has a desire to help people and work internationally. After completing Tyndale’s Leading Edge program, she enrolled into the Business – International Development program so she could explore her passions. Adrianna knew that it could be a bleak discipline to study, but saw that the Christian perspective taught at Tyndale shows that there is hope. She proceeded to invest her energy into her studies and extracurricular activities, serving on Student Council, as a resident advisor and working as a teaching assistant.

Adrianna MarlingFor her international placement, she worked at A Rocha UK, a Christian charity that researches and creates programming to develop urban communities through environmental conservation. As the Education Coordinator, Adrianna organized children’s and community outreach programs. The experience combined her passions with the knowledge she gained at Tyndale. She was able to do multiple jobs, from bee-keeping and planting trees, to programming and administrative work. Adrianna also helped transform a landfill that was well-known for drug activity into a beautiful park for the entire community.

Adrianna learned from her experience that International Development was more than a topic of study. “Sometimes we can consciously make a big impact, but most of the time I think that whether we choose it or not, the sum of our small choices becomes our impact,” she says. “I want the sum of my choices to be positive, and I hope that others will want that too.”