President's Message

A message from Dr. Gary Nelson, President & Vice Chancellor

Shape the future. Invest in Tyndale students today!

I have come to realize over the last five years that Tyndale is a place of profound purpose. As a Christian university and missionally framed seminary, we are focused on the developing of the mind, forming of the soul and nurturing of deep character. We believe it is not enough to hold the truth, but we must act on it. We want our students to leave Tyndale with a passionate faith that is able to engage the times in which we live. It is difficult to be a person of faith, but what an incredible opportunity!

Our approach to scholarship is about teaching and forming students to think critically about the world, not simply to point out what is wrong with it but to enter it and be part of its transformation. We challenge students to think and to stretch their ability to analyze and reflect on the topic at hand as well as the culture we live in. Students are called to a life of character and foundational virtues. With Paul we declare, “Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things.”

You are critical to the students’ transformation. Without you, this will not happen. Your gift is a key to their future.

We challenge students to allow a growing faithfulness to Jesus to open their eyes. Our hope is they will see people in such a way that they put others first. This is the way of the light, the promise. We shape students to become revolutionary people, able to think and to reflect analytically about our world and the things they are learning. They become a movement of faithful people who decide to live differently.

You are part of this movement. You make a difference by investing in the students of Tyndale who are being equipped for confronting the culture’s greatest needs.

It is difficult to be a Christian university in these times. It is not simply about providing an education, it is also about students discovering their calling – God’s calling for them to be a people of light.

In order to make this kind of education possible for our students, we need your help. Please give now. You will ensure that this movement of Tyndale students is empowered to be the people of light, now and for generations to come.


Gary Nelson's Signature

Gary V. Nelson, DMin
President and Vice Chancellor
Tyndale University College
Tyndale Seminary

P.S. An investment in Tyndale students impacts generations as alumni go out into virtually every profession around the world. Please send your gift today.